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> [HISZ] Mujeres e Ilustración: Perspectiva Europea, Mónica Bolufer Peruga
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Ill.ssimus Arbiter Elegantiae, Cassandrae fil.
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post 16/08/2008, 21:05 Quote Post

Mujeres e Ilustración: una perspectiva europea

(Kobiety i Oświecenie: perspektywa europejska)

Mónica Bolufer Peruga

Źródło: Cuadernos de Historia Moderna

Abstract: This article places the relationship between women and Englightenment in Spain in an international context, from three points of view. First, it traces Spanish studies in relation with European and American historiography; second, it point at the conections between gender debates both in Spain and in the rest of Europe (via translations, quotes, and mutual influence), and, in the last term, it explains how in the eighteenth-century gender relations were taken as a key feature in order to evaluate national differences and the degree of civilization attained by a particular society. In this respect, the article summarises the visions circulated by eighteenth-century foreign travellers to Spain, but also those, much less known, transmitted by Spanish travellers in Europe

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