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> Intelligenzaktion, Nazi-German war crimes in occupied PL
Pro Patria Poland Team

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Dariusz Zielonka
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post 28/03/2019, 19:06 Quote Post

Intelligenzaktion was a secret mass murder conducted by Nazi Germany against the Polish intelligentsia (teachers, priests, physicians, et al.) early in the Second World War (1939–45). The operations were conducted to realise the Germanization of the western regions of occupied Poland, before territorial annexation to the German Reich. The mass murder operations of Intelligenzaktion killed 100,000 Polish people.


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One of my relatives - a merchant from Gdynia - was also murdered during Intelligenzaktion, in Piaśnica Wielka in November 1939.

Here is a good video about Piaśnica Massacres - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npwSvUZCFiA

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Alexander Malinowski 3

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Alexander Malinowski
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post 14/05/2019, 6:48 Quote Post

This is very tragic that nobody knows exactly, who was killed in Piasnica. In addition to locals there site was used for strangers. For example I read about some Czech families from Berlin being executed there.
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