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> Fortified camps in Napoleonic Era

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Genevieve Simmons
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post 25/10/2009, 19:28 Quote Post

Hello, I am a new member of this most interesting site. One of my specific areas of historical interest is fortifications from simple trenches and revetments to major fortresses and citadels encompassing all periods, in particular the genesis of the fortified camps that in my opinion, began to flourish under Napoleon's inspiration. A good friend of mine from Gdynia gave me an interesting book written by Waldemar Lysiak, wherein he states that Napoleon (Here I will quote Dr Lysiak) "was an outstanding expert in the science of fortifications, the author of admirably complete doctrines and practical blueprints that were utterly groundbreaking as far as the 19th Century was concerned. " Napoleon Fortyfikator by Waldemar Lysiak P. 281 1999. Lysiak in 1977 gained a Doctorate from the Warsaw Technical University. His doctoral thesis was titled 'Napoleon's Doctrine of Fortification' and he subsequently authored the book I am quoting from.

The near pinnacle representation of this development is the fortress of Modlin. "It is located near the village of Modlin on the Bugonarew river, some 50 kilometres north of Warsaw. It was renamed Novogeorgievsk after it was captured by the Russians in 1813."( Wikipedia) this unfortunately is not nearly as well know a subject in the west as it should. What I am looking for is the common threads that go from the engineers, architect et al. directly to Napoleon as design inspiration on fortified camps. Is Waldemar Lysiak's excellent book, Napoleon fortyfikator available in English? Is Dr Lysiak's published thesis available for viewing? Is there references to artillery, including guns, howitzers and mortars, including the Russian Unicorn used by the Duchy of Warsaw at the fortress at Modlin, specific to the Napoleonic time period

Thank you for any help you can give me on this most interesting topic

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