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> [ANG] The Memory Of 1066, Elisabeth van Houts
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The Memory of 1066 in Oral and Written Traditions

Elisabeth van Houts

Source: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Aegean/3532/1066mem.htm

Summary: So far I have concentrated on stories of 1066 which were passed on two generations later by oral means and not written down until the fourth generation. Some stories, however, were written down in the second generation. The first accounts of the Conquest to be written down in England, all of them brief and all of them written by monks, took the form of additions to the Ang1o-S~on Chronicle: the contributions made by Eadmer of Canterbury, John of Worcester, Simeon of Durham and William of Malmesbury are the most significant In recent years Richard Southern, James Campbell and Antonia Gransden have argued that one effect of the Conquest was to turn English monks back to their Anglo-Saxon past in an attempt to salvage what they could of it. (21) They sought to link that past with the present by interpreting the defeat of the English by the Normans as God's punishment for English sins. In effect, they presented a theological rationalisation of the collective national shame, a common enough literary reaction to defeat in battle: historians on the losers' side reacted in much the same way after the battle of Fontenoy in 841.

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