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Hey, everybody!
The organizers of “Battle of the Nations” project are glad to announce that TV series about the first world championship on historical medieval battle is now online!
The first 17 minutes long episode include..s an introduction to event, acquaintance with four National teams - Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Belarus and full contact battles between completely armored fighters.
Don’t miss the exclusive and spectacular sight!

The English version is here:

Follow us at to see the rest seven episodes!

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Guys, the second episode of TV series “Battle of the Nations” is now online!
Check it on
If you liked the first episodes of TV series “Battle of the Nations” then we have good news for you! The third episode is now online! See the episode following the link below:
The half of TV series about the world championship “Battle of the Nations” is online! This week you can see the 4th episode and follow the 21 vs 21, 5 vs 5 battles, find out which team is the strongest one and get to know what fighters think about the other contestants! Fights, fights and more fights are here:
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